Because our tiles and blocks fit together for a seamless natural appearance, specialised installers are not necessary.

DECO BLOCK is a revolutionary modular wall system with cement and Natural stone finishes that allow for a very fast installation with the unique, mortarless, interlocking joints that simply slot together and hold each layer rigid as you install.

Reduce your labor cost with up to 70% faster installation times.

  • Structural walls with steel reinforced concrete
  • Permanent formwork
  • Domestic and commercial construction
  • Fire rated walls and partitions
  • Concrete fences and fire rated boundary walls
  • Termite proof walls and house structures
  • Basements and house foundations
  • Swimming pool construction
  • Pillars
  • Columns
  • Gate posts and gate columns
  • Fireplaces
  • Safe rooms
  • Bunkers
  • BBQ surrounds
  • Feature walls
  • Garden edging
  • Letterbox
  • Planter box
  • Construction projects and property stonewalls are no longer a mundane manual task with our innovative stacking systems.
  • We utilize a precision cut technique, therefore, no gaps or glue are visible as the pieces simply slot into each other.
  • Corners are no longer a hassle with our matched corner pieces specifically cut to create a 90degree corner that shows no joints.
  • Our blocks are designed to keep each other straight and rigid, with a simple X-shaped metal reinforcement needed for high walls.
  • Our beautiful and functional products are specifically designed for expert interior and exterior stone finishing built with ease.
  • We allow your customer to construct their masterpiece in hours not days.
  • We enable your customers to build a classic, yet stylish feature wall, garden edging, and partition or letterbox feature with little or no experience.

 "Our products reduce time, labour and materials for professionals with our stacking systems, making jobs more profitable"

John Mansfield, Chief doer, designer and all round quality controller at ROXstone

Stack it!

Note: When our Deco Blocks are being used to create a retaining wall, we recommend suitable contractors are used to reinforce the wall as required.

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