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How to build a Column using DECO BLOCKHow to build a wall into a column using DECO BLOCK



A Revolutionary modular wall system that stacks up better than the rest

Need to build a wall? Do you have high installation labour costs? Your installations taking too long? Your project site materials messy and overloaded? Too many job site experts? Sick of putting up formwork only to take it down again?

ROXstone can cover all your needs with one revolutionary product, DECO BLOCK.

                                                                         DECO BLOCK Full block                DECO BLOCK Multi End Block                   DECO BLOCK LOGO

DECO BLOCK has a choice of cement finished blocks or natural stone finished blocks and can be used for buildings, foundations, retaining walls, boundary walls, fire rated walls, load bearing walls or pillars and gate columns free standing or connected to your walls, termite proof, bunker to hurricane proof walls and steel reinforced 100mm thick core concrete poor for optimum strength when required.

DECO BLOCK can be used by the DIY user or the professionals, as it is simple to use with a professional finish.

One product on site, one installation, no stone mason required after you build your wall as stone is pre-attached on all stone option blocks, no formwork setup or removal for solid concrete pour as DECO BLOCK is your formwork.

DECO BLOCK has a high speed installation up to 5 times faster with the mortarless, interlocking system that you can install with ease. Full blocks for your straight wall and the one multi purpose end block that can be used for wall ends, left and right corners, pillars and columns, all with one mortarless interlocking block. Steel rebar can be added with ease directly onto the centre cross locator lining up horizontally and vertically before you pour concrete.

Buy DECO BLOCK directly from the ROXstone manufacturer in Vietnam.